Lane Kiffin Trying To Recruit Girl In Viral Video Tossing Dudes Around To FAU
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FAU head coach Lane Kiffin is always on the recruitment trail...
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(Terez Owens)
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user avatar
Slackaveli54 months
Big Mama a tank Fr
user avatar
Wolfhound4554 months
Nice technique.
user avatar
The Korean54 months
I watched the 1st 2 seconds of that about 30 times in a row and was amazed each time.
user avatar
MetryMauler54 months
Love him or hate him, Kiffin is hilarious.
user avatar
Skinny54 months
Every Green Bay chick after a Packer loss.
user avatar
scuppernong54 months
What's this guy supposed to do?
user avatar
Buckeye Jeaux54 months
Um... not that.
user avatar
RECConspiracy54 months
The guy in the back by the sodas with his hand over his mouth gets me.
user avatar
El Magnifico54 months
E. Honda's daughter
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