Here's What Dabo Swinney Said About His Clemson Team Playing Intramural Basketball
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Earlier this week Clemson star QB Trevor Lawrence threw down an opponent during an intramural basketball game. When asked about his players playing in the league, head coach Dabo Swinney said this, per The State...

“Hey, it is what it is, you know. These guys need to be kids, too,” Swinney said. “They’re just having fun and enjoying being college people and doing what college kids do.”

Swinney added that intramural basketball is a huge deal right now for the football team with veteran players recruiting newcomers to join them.

There are several different teams, but one in particular with Justyn Ross, Tee Higgins, Diondre Overton and others stands out.

“These recruits, nobody really cares what they can do on the football field. What they really care about, what they’re really excited about, is who they’re going to put on their intramural basketball team,” Swinney said. “It’s a lot of fun to see that group. … But it’s a big deal around here. It’s a big deal.”
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user avatar
km60 months
Hmmmm. I wonder what Lil Nickey thinks about this topic.
user avatar
Chasin Tail60 months
user avatar
Buckeye Jeaux60 months
James Naismith invented basketball to keep his football players in shape through the Winter. I bet LSU's football squad could put some impressive intramural B-ball teams together.
user avatar
danilo60 months
Rather have them shooting hoops than punching broads
user avatar
AgCoug60 months
Why is this a thing? Dabo is completely correct.
user avatar
mikeboss55060 months
Just wait till a starter goes down, he will change his tune.
user avatar
Vecchio Cane60 months
that's awesome
user avatar
Placekicker60 months
Exactly. Let them be normal college kids. They are not robots. Just don’t twist an ankle, or it will be over for everyone.
user avatar
Janky60 months
Come to LSU Swinney.
user avatar
pellietigersaint60 months
thats the right attitude
user avatar
la champ160 months
Swinney is a good coach sho has really built that program. I respect that fact that he realizes his players also need to have a chance to just enjoy being a college kid at times.
user avatar
sjmabry60 months
Good job!
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