Here's Charlie Strong's Texas Home That's On Sale For $5 Million
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Charlie Strong has officially moved on from Texas to become the head coach of South Florida. So he no longer needs his 10,896-square-foot Austin mansion. If you're in the market, check out his old digs going for cool $5 million...
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WithaRebelYell89 months
No wonder he didnt get anything done. I'd never leave that place.
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SamuelClemens89 months
Tom Herman's wife would like it I'm sure.
user avatar
El Campo Tiger89 months
Any truth to the rumours that Charlie Strong has a hot Hispanic wife?
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Placebeaux89 months
Turns tennis court into basketball court
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ItNeverRains89 months
It's traditional Mediterranean-Spanish architecture. Since we are an immigrant nation and that area was settled by those backgrounds, it's spot on. There is some French Provisional decor but that wasn't uncommon for the wealthy throughout history to have pieces from other cultures to show worldliness.
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AUNashville89 months
Do any coaches have any level of architectural taste, contemporary or traditional? It seems that each time a coach's house is posted, it's the cheapest McMansion you can imagine. This house is no different—a complete POS that goes out of its way to scream of excess and poor taste.
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AustinKnight89 months
Bet yours is much nicer huh bruh
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Spelt it rong89 months
On sale? What % off? What was the original price Leo?
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chadr0789 months
All the jealousy in here is pretty funny.
user avatar
nola00089 months
These Texas McMansions are hideous. No character or history. Gaudy.
user avatar
atltiger648789 months
agreed. Zero character. Screams "new money."
user avatar
TNG8r89 months
Your trailer probably feels more homey than that shitty little house.
user avatar
PrimeTime Money89 months
Who gives a shite if a house has "history"? It's a place you live... it's not a museum.
user avatar
jimbeam89 months
Only half of a basketball court? Trashy.
user avatar
texashorn89 months
Mack Brown had a small football field behind his house off Enfield.
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