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Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders is donating half of his salary to help complete the program's football facility renovations...

Sanders signed a four-year deal worth an average of $300,000 per year in 2020.

Sanders said he wanted to up his donation to half of his salary to make sure the facility is ready a month before the season starts. Sanders's target date for completion is Aug. 4, according to the Jackson Clarion Ledger.

"I'll put half on it to get this done," Sanders said. "If you don't believe me, check me. I will send you the receipts."
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IH8ThreePutts20 months
I never really liked Primetime’s personality but he seems to be genuine.
user avatar
jbird720 months
Yeah def an obnoxious/flashy dude but I feel like overall he’s good whose hearts in the right place.
user avatar
BabyTac20 months
Deon is a good dude. Really like what he’s trying to do.
user avatar
ALhunter20 months
I'm assuming he makes more from endorsements than his salary, but the guy is 100% a player's coach and putting them on the map.
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics20 months
If I were the coach, I would definitely tell the boosters to put money in the collectives and I will cover the donations to the athletic department. Deion can't put cash into the collectives so makes sense.
user avatar
Strannix20 months
Deon seems to have always been a good guy, never in trouble.
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