Clemson's Dabo Swinney Said In Alabama He's 'Osama bin Dabo' And Here Was Paul Finebaum's Reaction
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During an appearance back in February on “Basketball & Beyond with Coach K,” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney commented on not being so popular in Alabama, calling himself "Osama bin Dabo”...

“I think it was all fun and games early on. It was, ‘Aww, isn’t that sweet’ and all that stuff. I don’t know about walls, but I am kinda like Osama bin Dabo,” Swinney said, with a laugh. “I have to navigate my way through the caves and back channels too make my way through Alabama these days. They aren’t happy to see me, but it’s all good. It’s a good problem.”
Well, that quote has now been dug up and living on social media again, so of course ESPN's Paul Finebaum had to comment on it...

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Ole Paul Finebaum....the "Jerry Springer" of College Sports Talk Show ! Not worth a Crap!
Reply2 days
This is bad. This is 9/11 times 1000. This is 911,000.
Reply3 days
Wow, the virtue signaling on this one is off the charts cringeworthy.
Reply3 days
Finebaum is a typical ESPN bitch
Reply3 days
Stop trying to tell people what is acceptable and unacceptable Paul Hitler Finebaum
Reply3 days
I cant believe anybody got mad about this.
Reply3 days
Virtue signaling from Finebaum.
Reply3 days
It is a rather shitty analogy but I've not thought of Dabo as anything other than football coach.
Reply4 days
Relax, Pawl. It was a good line. Quit overreacting.
Reply4 days
Don’t think it is as bad of a comparison as Saban comparing losing to UL-Monroe to 9/11.
Reply4 days
In some parts of Alabama losing to ULM is almost as bad as 9-11. I said almost. I still don’t understand why building number 7 went down and the official response is not sufficient.
3 days
Stfu Paul
Reply4 days
Oh look, people on TV telling me what things I should be outraged about. That’s new.
Reply4 days
Homer hack.
Reply4 days
I know it is their jobs, but some of these journalists make the most out of nothing. And I especially think it makes them the scum of the earth if they start digging up old shite to capitalize on the opportunity to be in the spotlight. If it is so offensive, why bring it back up and reopen all of those wounds? Why give it the attention it does not deserve? I'm sorry your show sucks Pawl. Try not sucking so bad instead of these bush league tactics to boost your popularity.
Reply4 days
I think Pawl completely missed the point.
Reply4 days
I think he knew exactly what Dabo meant, but that wouldn’t have gotten PF his attention.
4 days
I finally agree with something Finebaum said
Reply4 days
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