Dabo Swinney Isn't Down For College Football Playoff Waiting For BIG 10 & PAC-12
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Does Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney want to see the BIG 10 and PAC-12 playing again? Yes. Does he want to wait for them? No....

“No. We’re ready to roll,” Swinney said during the press conference on Thursday, video of which was posted by TigerNet. “That would be something I wouldn’t be in favor for. I’m all in favor of them playing, I’d love for them to play, it’d be great… but it’d be kind of hard to start in November and get them in there.”

“We wouldn’t want to push the season into February and all that stuff,” Swinney added. “We’re going to push forward. If something changes it changes, but that’s where we are right now.”
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Gotta agree with Dabo on this one.
Reply1 month
The Big whatever has put themselves in the position they are in. They thought when the “Mighty Big” said they weren’t playing then that would be it and all the other conferences would fall in line. Instead, they caused a rift in their own conference and if all this stupidity causes the Big to not start until October then they should suffer and other conferences should definitely not accommodate those dumbasses. As far as the West Coast lunatics in the PAC12 go, I don’t remember the last time I watched a full PAC12 game anyway. Screw ‘em.
Reply1 month
Those conferences have made rear ends of themselves and now they can live with the savory smell of what they have created for themselves.
Reply2 months
No - they’re all going to hit the streets, home or partying on campus to catch and spread the COVID.
Reply2 months
See Dabo, everything you say doesn't have to be stupid.
Reply2 months
The Pac 12 and the Big 10 haven't been contributors to the CFB in a while!
Reply2 months
Nobody cares about the PAC 12. Conference of pussies.
Reply2 months
Why wait on the 2 conferences that had no backbone? They will probably start the big 10 season and (after 2 games) shut it down because a band member got a cough.
Reply2 months
Dabo will jump on any train that keeps Clemson from playing more than three actual games a season.
Reply2 months
Dabo is right, though
2 months
Screw them they made a decision based on a comment from a doctor who has now corrected his comment about this heart issue. No waiting on the me, decisions have consequences. Live with it big10 and pack12.
Reply2 months
Why wait on those 2 who couldn’t step up and make a decision. And NOW they want to play but way after everyone else starts? Those two conferences deserve each other and can have their playoff. It’s called the Rose Bowl.
Reply2 months
For once I agree with the Dab #Left Coast - CONSEQUENCES
Reply2 months
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