Check Out Ohio Offensive Lineman's Cartwheel Distraction vs. Western Michigan
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Ohio pulled out the trickery on Tuesday night against Western Michigan. With a 1st and 10 from the Western Michigan 35-yard line, they had one of their offensive lineman line up out at wideout and create a distraction. That wasn't the only distraction, his cartwheel was nice touch...
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JackieTreehorn51 months
Gus Malzahn has bookmarked this
user avatar
TaderSalad51 months
The Hogs will pay dearly to get this into the play rotation.
user avatar
RandySavage51 months
I chuckled, then cried
user avatar
dbeck51 months
Textbook form, too!
user avatar
rattlebucket51 months
WWE future. Nibble for a big ugly
user avatar
Chudson51 months
but did anyone even see it?
user avatar
lsuohiofan51 months
That was great!
user avatar
JohnnyU51 months
Should be in every playbook.
user avatar
cwil17751 months
This is amazing.
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