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Boise State QB Joe Southwick was sent home from Hawaii, where the team is playing in a bowl game on Christmas Eve, by the team Friday for “team violations.” Not happy about this, Southwick spoke to KTVB and told them his side of the story...

According to Southwick, he is accused of urinating off of a balcony at the team hotel.
Southwick tells KTVB that, in fact, it was another player who had done it. He said he had gone out Thursday evening and when he returned to the hotel, he witnessed a player urinate off the balcony. He went to bed that night and it wasn’t until the next the morning when he found out about the accusation.

A short time later, he was informed that he was being sent home. Southwick admits he lost his temper.

“It just turned to finger pointing, and it ended up being three people against one person saying something, and I guess the temper tantrum of one person didn’t look good and there was no investigation. This was an absolute rushed decision, probably made in about 20 minutes.”

Southwick said he was dropped off at the airport a short time later.
“Took my bags out, gave me a hand shake and said, ‘thanks for everything. See ya’”

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Woverw122 months
On the count of three . . . team. Ready? One, two, three TEAM!
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LessofLes122 months
Obviously he been witch hunt.
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BRMIKEY122 months
Nobody would take a bullet for the QB???? O-Line????? SMH......
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JermStone122 months
Peterson has lost control of his team's bladders! Wait, he isn't there anymore is he?
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87BAMAGRAD122 months
I would be pissed off if I was accused of having pissed off a balcony.


AS usual, this is Pulitzer prize type journalism Larry. An informed populace is critical to democracy.

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fightingtigers98122 months
he has a porn stache of course he did it
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