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Video has surfaced of Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett's arrest for drinking under the influence...


“I’m the quarterback of Ohio State. Is there anything you can do?” The officer’s response: “My intention is to not take you to jail. That’s about the best I’m doing for you tonight.”

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BowlJackson104 months
The one cop was asking if anybody was coming to get J.T. (They already said they weren't taking him to jail) and the other cop laughed and said "Cardale... Just so you know"
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Quatre Pot104 months
what were they talking and laughing about at the end? something about "did you see leonard fournette.......????? Something about Cardelle.
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Gumbo1104 months
I am not a Ohio State Fan at all but seriously, I probably could not walk a straight line as well as he did sober. However, the cop did smell alcohol on his breath so it was justified.

My beef with this is how did Urban Liar allow such a transgression? Maybe if JT had a vehicular homicide incident would change Urban Liar's handling of this? Doubt it. he only changes his health status when his team starts losing.
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Bige11104 months
The officer should have said "I'm a Michigan fan."
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Crusty104 months
I'm not sure I could have walked that straight without drinking anything. Well done sir. Well done.
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DoubleDown104 months
How do you not go to jail if you get arrested for a DUI? Serious question. If that happened to me, I'd be in jail, right?
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DeafVallyBatnR104 months
Looked like to me he walked a good line
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Doug Masters104 months
He left out "THE"
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pellietigersaint104 months
seems like a legit question to ask given the circumstances
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justausedcarguy104 months
drinking under the influence...that sounds serious
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John Gotti104 months
"It would be hard to let that go..." - Urban Meyer
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