Raheim Jeter, a West Virginia QB  commit, was shot in an incident his mother is calling “road rage.”
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Raheim Jeter, a West Virginia QB commit, was shot in an incident his mother is calling “road rage.” The 2022 recruit has undergone surgery and is doing well, according to reports. Per West Virginia’s 247Sports site...

Jeter has reached back out to EerSports with an update to let us know that he is “doing well and recovering.” As I’m sure you can understand, we’re going to let him recover from the procedure at this time before asking for a full interview.

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Datbayoubengal24 months
So much of this is happening now. Remember the pregnant lady that intentionally hit the motorcycle guy, they followed her to to her housewife calling the police, she pulled out a gun, and the guy she hit pulled out a gun and killed her. Remember the man who got pissed at the lady and the lady yelling back and he shot threw their backseat killing the 6 year old in the back. Remember the guy walking back to the car to get the birthday cake after his family went in for his little girl's birthday, only for another man to pull in wrong, get mad because he alsmot hit the guy with the BD cake then shot the guy dead on his daughter's frigging birthday. There are so many more but it's crazy 1. How quick people are willing to escalate a situation and just how trigger happy the average idiot with a gun is. Remember the old Saints player getting shot and killed in that same way.
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ThatTahoeOverThere24 months
The guy that shot Joe McKnight should not be in jail. Dont know anything about this case. I guess we finna c.
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Mr Cell Phone24 months
The guy who shot McKnight should be given life with no possibility of parole.
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BowlJackson24 months
Why shouldn't he be?
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DeafVallyBatnR24 months
McKnight went after the guy who shot him. McKnight should have kept his arse in the car.
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saints502124 months
I assumed this was one of the New Orleans East interstate shootings
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Dcurry8024 months
I’m going out on a limb and saying that he messed around and found out.
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