Bill Walton Ranted About UCLA Saying 'Nah' To Michael Jordan Because They Didn't Have Room
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Bill Walton went on a rant last night about UCLA giving Michael Jordan the old "No, thanks!" back in the day...
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Per MJ's1992 Playboy interview...

Jordan: I always wanted to go to UCLA. That was my dream school.

Playboy: Why?

Jordan: Because when I was growing up, they were a great team. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, John Wooden. But I never got recruited by UCLA.

Playboy: Even after your success in the Five-Star camp?

Jordan: By the time they wanted to recruit me, they had heard that I was going to stay close to home, which was not necessarily true. I also wanted to go to Virginia because I wanted to play with Ralph Sampson for his last two years there. He was going into his junior year. I wrote to Virginia, but they just sent me back an admission form. No one came and watched me. Then I visited North Carolina and I was happy with the atmosphere, so I committed early.
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Skinny36 months
Like my friend Jerry Garcia used to say. Driving that train, high on cocaine. Casey Jones you better, watch your speed. Back to you Dave.
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soccerfüt36 months
OweO doesn’t like Bill Walton. Now I like Bill Walton.
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Water Mocassin36 months
Walton is proof you can live while brain dead.
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HalfCocked36 months
Jesus Christ Bill, Jordan was in high school in fricking Wilmington, thats 2 hours from Chapel Hill. Even if UCLA heard about him over a fricking rotary phone. They'd have had to send a scout on an 8 hour plane trip (layovers) just to see him workout. It was a different time, back then kids stayed near home, which he did. Stop acting like you know it all. And like they had 0 interest.
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OweO36 months
Bill Walton sucks. There are very few people who I can't listen to.. In fact, I can tolerate just about anyone.. Except for Bill Walton. He is a fricking idiot.
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Lucky515036 months
^there is a poster ^on here than many folks ^on here say the same^ thing about^
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HubbaBubba36 months
Lucky5150 with the back court 3 for the win!
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Wild Thang36 months
You are the lowest IQ poster on this site OweO
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