Charles Barkley Says Zion Williamson Looks Like 'Me And Shaq Had a Baby'
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While roasting Zion Williamson on "Inside the NBA" last night, Charles Barkley declared the Pelicans star looked like he and Shaquille O'Neal had a baby...

He ain't wrong.

(The Big Lead)
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Vernonbrew2227 months
Like most Nola nurses he swollen
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Robber DeNiro28 months
He's doing it on purpose to be traded
user avatar
diat15028 months
Magical zion
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StupidBinder28 months
He’s about to eat his way out of the league like Jamarcus did in the nfl
user avatar
NPComb28 months
He thiccer than a bowl of concrete. Dat NOLA food gets to the best of us.
user avatar
HabaneroBuck28 months
He's not eating that cajun cuisine...more like Doritos and Mountain Dew.
user avatar
redfish9928 months
What a waste he turned out to be. These weak individuals or being exposed everywhere.
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HalfCocked28 months
I have a bet with a buddy here in South Carolina that his career would pale in comparison to Ja Morrant. Looks like that ones going to pay off. Too big, too explosive, to cavalier with his body and athleticism.
user avatar
Onyx Aggie28 months
Zion fat as frick. Chuck ain't lying.
user avatar
BK78528 months
Chuck and Shaq are unfiltered. Makes for must-see TV.
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