Thunder's Hamidou Diallo Wins Slam Dunk Contest With This Superman Dunk Over Shaq
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Saturday night's NBA Slam Dunk contest was what it is every year, dudes missing dunks for 10 minutes, attempting to jump over someone or doing some version of a 360. Snooze. In the end, Oklahoma City Thunder's Hamidou Diallo took home the Slam Dunk title with this dunk over Shaquille O'Neal...
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This was BY FAR the best dunk of the night.
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Gatorbait200860 months
Good dunk. Still not watching the dunk contest. Just nothing about it is worth it now.
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Placebeaux60 months
Joe Harris won the 3 point contest. No love?
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Walt OReilly60 months
That was great
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GeauxsomeMeaux60 months
Boring. Especially since the era of building the “super teams!”
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wizziko60 months
What does that have to do with anything?
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CanebreakCajun60 months
What's the NBA? People still watch it,
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JackieTreehorn60 months
I would have loved for Shaq to turn around and swat that shit.
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Bamboozles60 months
Not shabby at all.....all style points!!
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