Jazz Owner Gail Miller Address Crowd Before Thursday's Game Says They’re Not Racists
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As we continue to move on from this week's verbal altercation between Thunder star Russell Westbrook and an allegedly racist Jazz fan, Utah owner Gail Miller addressed the crowd before Thursday night's game...
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Sad this still needs to be addressed in 2019.
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CDawson61 months
Stupid. Players are beyond soft.
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kjntgr61 months
That was too long
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bigDgator61 months
This is why I don’t do pro sports. The inmates are running the asylum.
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diat15061 months
Dumb old white fossil
user avatar
Balloon Huffer61 months
Can I just say --- WHO frickING CARES... Words,,,,,just words...... Remember that saying....sticks and stones??? No, noone does anymore because the world has turned in to a giant clam.
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DeafVallyBatnR61 months
Do we even know what the fan said. I saw one clip where a fan called him a "boy" oh the horror.
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JustinT3761 months
Haha literally anything makes u a racist...For example, if a white girl turns down a POC she is called a racist.
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Nolaughingmatter61 months
It was a well done speech.
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Buckeye Jeaux61 months
Gail Miller has been a class act from day one. So was her husband, Larry, RIP.
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PhifeDogg61 months
Their children, Reggie and Cheryl, have also been great ambassadors for the game.
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