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NBA forward Montrezl Harrell has been charged with drug trafficking after cops say they found three pounds of weed in his car during a traffic stop in May and is now facing time behind bars...

According to the Charlotte Observer, the 28-year-old was pulled over by a Kentucky state trooper around 10 AM on May 12 for driving a 2020 Honda Pilot rental too close to the car in front of him ... and during the stop, cops claim they smelled marijuana.

The report says Harrell admitted to having weed on him and pulled a "small amount" from his sweatpants ... but when cops searched the vehicle, they claim to have found a backpack filled with three pounds of weed in vacuum-sealed bags.
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UncleLogger24 months
I could forgive the bricks of weed, but frick him for tailgating. You know he had to be driving like a complete a-hole to get pulled over for tailgating.
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jnethe124 months
Hmm, that’s weird. I was told that the reason so many people commit crimes is because of their low income.
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gamecockman1224 months
Rules are rules.
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CDawson24 months
I didn't even know pot was illegal anymore. Hell, you can buy it over the counter in multiple states.
user avatar
Privateer 200724 months
What a fricking moron.
user avatar
Napoleon24 months
Probably for personal use. Stop arresting people for pot.
user avatar
Hurricane Mike24 months
If he's a Dim, charges will be dropped. If he's a Republican, it will be life in prison.
user avatar
LSUtoBOOT24 months
Probably just for a postseason party with the fellas.
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