Here's Justin Bieber Getting In A Fist Fight After Wednesday's Cavs Game
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Justin Bieber was in Cleveland for the Cavaliers vs. Warriors Game 3 on Wednesday night. But later on after the game, the Biebs exchanged punches with some dude over a girl outside his hotel. Per Yahoo!...

"[Bieber] was apparently talking to the girl this guy was with, and when the guy stepped in, Biebs told him he would f**k him up," the eyewitness says. "That's when fists started flying."

"Biebs was hanging out outside the hotel, and had been getting harassed by people walking by (mostly guys making fun of him) and hounded for pictures, so he was a bit on edge," the same eyewitness adds. "He had a friend about his size with him, and there was a bodyguard or two but he was kind of on his own, wandering around. Bodyguards only stepped in after Bieber hit the deck. The guy in my photo is the guy he fought and the girl is the girl he was talking to. The bodyguards broke it up and security cleared everyone out pretty quickly."

Manziel and this kid should fight to the death.
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Cobb Dawg96 months
I wonder if his body guards set this kinda stuff up for him ever so often so someone can record and post it for him. Keeps the media interested. But if those body guards weren't there, JB would run like the little boy he is.
user avatar
Rakim96 months
Tough spot the guy attacked him and JB let it fly but pain was coming.
user avatar
Odinson96 months
JB was about to get ground and pounded.
user avatar
papasmurf126996 months
Biebs was about to get fricked up
user avatar
Wolfhound4596 months
Biebs was flailing away, wrecking shop with those pipe cleaners. lol
user avatar
texashorn96 months
(Kind of) like someone said below, maybe him and Manziel can get hold of a bad batch of heroin and take a night train to the big adios.
user avatar
dbeck96 months
Larry wants to be the caboose of that train.
user avatar
CCTider96 months
Larry wants to be the middle of that human centipede.
user avatar
RabidTiger96 months
"Oh shite, I'm gettin on TMZ " lol
user avatar
Carolina Tide96 months
Just when we thought Johnny had Douche of the Year-2016 locked up here comes ole Biebs to defend his crown.
user avatar
NYCAuburn96 months
dude was twice his size. He would have got his shite pushed in
user avatar
Ignignot96 months
I'd love to fight beiber
user avatar
Placebeaux96 months
Where was the mom?
user avatar
GeorgeTheGreek96 months
Easy to talk shite when you know as soon as punches are thrown your gang of minions will step in.
user avatar
Paddyshack96 months
Are we sure that wasn't Miley?
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