Barkley Says DeMarcus Cousins' Consulting Power Is 'total bull****'
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
On Thursday, the TNT "Inside the NBA" crew was discussing the Sacramento Kings firing their interim coach Ty Corbin to hire George Karl. The idea of their all-star DeMarcus Cousins having consulting power within the organization came up, which did not sit well with Charles Barkley.

When asked about Cousins theoretically having consulting power with Sacramento's front office, Barkley said, "Yeah, I am totally disgusted with that -- I almost went over the line."

Barkley later said, "He ain’t done enough to deserve that type of power. They stink. Why would you give a guy that young that type of power?"

Reporter David Aldridge then said, "That’s not approval, understand. Consulting is different from approval."
This was Barkley's NSFW response to that...


Couldn't agree more.
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Barkley is the bomb.
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Boogie is in Chuck's head.
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