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Get ready for a groovy time when ESPN releases their new 30-for-30 on Bill Walton. It'll be a 4-part series featuring music from the Grateful Dead, so smoke'em if you got'em..

…The film is a kaleidoscopic trip through Walton’s life and memory, accompanied by the soundtrack of his life: the music of the Grateful Dead.

In James’s hands, the story winds back and forth through time and space, from the heights of the NBA in Portland and Boston to the wilds of Oregon, from the chaos of civic unrest and antiwar protest at UCLA to the simple pursuit of being able to live a pain-free existence.
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SomeLSUguy10 months
I'm here for the soundtrack
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Leopold10 months
This is first 30 for 30 I genuinely have no interest in.
user avatar
KennabraTiger10 months
Snooze fest
user avatar
NPComb10 months
If Joe Biden was a basketball player. frick Bill Walton.
user avatar
4 parts?!? my god, that sounds fricking awful at best
user avatar
frick that liberal SOB
user avatar
sportjunkie6910 months
Beta soy boys like you get triggered by the dumbest shit.
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caleb0710 months
Walton is a total dip shite.
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