Woman Arrested For Punching Police Officer At Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
A woman punched a police officer in the face and got arrested during the Toronto Blue Jays season opener on Friday night...
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LSU-DUDE22 months
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Jay Quest22 months
After watching them in action during the trucker's protest, Canadian cops can suck on a tailpipe.
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LesnarF522 months
Some other women's voice "Get her outta heeeeeeear"!!! frick all of them people!
user avatar
lsuohiofan22 months
Wokeness sucks
user avatar
eddieray22 months
Political Tourette’s? You should get that checked.
user avatar
Cajunboy4622 months
The freaking cop had her boyfriend by his jacket and he was the one who slung her boyfriend. And pushed him into her you dumb bitch. That voice is so annoying eh.
user avatar
imjustafatkid22 months
nah, he pushed her. That lady cop is not strong enough to manhandle him in the way that you describe.
user avatar
idlewatcher22 months
Ugly women who punch the wrong person should never be at hockey games
user avatar
Redbone22 months
user avatar
Johnny3tears22 months
It’s a soccer game dumb ass
user avatar
BrotherDawg8422 months
Blue Jays are baseball.
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LSUtoBOOT22 months
Canadians are nice until the CC and coke starts flowing, eh. If that was Samantha Bee, I hope the police smacked her a few more times.
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