A sign commemorating the Jackie Robinson Parkway in Queens went up over the weekend with a vital spelling mistake...
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According to the Department of Transportation, the sign will be fixed immediately.

(The Spun)
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EulerRules12 months
Not to mention "East" is in apparently two different directions....
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coolieaux12 months
The dumbing down of America has been underway for a long time now.
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Captain Lafitte12 months
"Jake's my boy!"
-- Farmer Ted
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy12 months
Outsourcing is awesome
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Menatiger12 months
This is sorry. I believe I was born a Dodger fan in 1960. Jackie the legend.
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cajunmud12 months
Did Larry consult on this project?
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ElTigreFuego12 months
We have winer
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EKG12 months
Printing the sign incorrectly is one thing; not a single person noticing the mistake before actually hanging/installing it is an entire different level of idiocy.
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TFH12 months
Well none of them probably know who Jackie Robinson was.
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JackieTreehorn12 months
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UGATiger2612 months
"Idiocracy" is no longer just a movie.
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