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San Diego Padres Mike Clevinger shared the crazy experience he had on a flight last week that almost when down due to a mechanical issue. Per the San Diego Tribune...

“We were up at like 30,000 feet elevation, the light comes on to move about the cabin,” Clevinger said. “And then next thing you know we’re nose diving hard and the air pressure drops in the cabin. The A/C turns off. The captain goes on yelling. The oxygen masks come down, (the captain yells), ‘Put your oxygen masks on! Put your oxygen masks on!’ We’re (stomachs) in our throat for 25, 30 seconds. I thought we were just going to the ground, dead. And then we get to like around 5,000-feet elevation. That’s when he starts doing swirls, and he comes back on and he’s like, ‘Folks, we’re gonna try to make an emergency landing in Tucson.’ ”

Clevinger said the passenger next to him was knowledgeable about planes and explained the swirls the plane was doing were to slow down. Smoke filled the cabin, and Clevinger said he could clearly hear only one engine was working.

“The guy next to me is trying to keep me calm,” he said. “I’m freaking out. … He’s keeping his chill while everyone is crying and freaking out. The flight attendant was crying. Like, she had no bedside manner at all.”

In the time he was virtually certain was the end, Clevinger said he attempted to text his fiancé and mother but “couldn’t get the texts out. I couldn’t type. I was, like, frozen.” Clevinger said the plane flew at a low altitude for a half-hour and landed in Tucson. American Airlines confirmed the flight Clevinger was on was diverted to Tucson for a possible mechanical issue.
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Tiger on the Rag25 months
I would have been in a fetal position crying like the flight attendant. I am a musician and would have thought about Stevie Ray, Lynyrd Skynyrd and others who have died in a plane crash I
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CDawson26 months
Definitely sounds like a loss of cabin pressure. You have seconds to get those masks on or you are out and soon after crashing. Remember the Payne Stewart tragedy?
user avatar
Pioneer BS 17526 months
Possible mechanical issue? I would say so. That, or the pilots were doing some stunt flying.
user avatar
Bearcat9026 months
Sounds like they lost cabin pressure, not an engine. Passenger airplanes are usually pressurized to between about 6,000 to 8,000 feet when the plane is cruising at 36,000 feet.
user avatar
Hogwarts26 months
Flight attendant bawling would be unnerving
user avatar
GumboPot26 months
So the flight attendant crying is what would make you nervous...not the drop from 30,000 feet to 5,000? Lol.
user avatar
GumboPot26 months
Okay, reading that does not make me feel any better about flying.
user avatar
KosmoCramer26 months
Being that high, they had a lot of options, even if they lost both engines (very rare). Taking off and landing is where most fatal accidents occur.
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