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This crazy story came out of the World Baseball Classic with Cuba's bullpen catcher fleeing the team after their loss to Team USA in the semifinals on Sunday and defecting from his native country...

MIAMI – The Center for a Free Cuba in Washington has confirmed Ivan Prieto, a bullpen catcher for Cuba’s national baseball team, defected following the World Baseball Classic in Miami on Sunday.

Video from La Familia Cubana shows Cuba’s national team at Miami International Airport as they prepared to return to Cuba and Prieto was not there.

Outspoken activist and critic of the Cuban government, Ramon Sanchez, spoke out about how it was likely no easy task for Prieto to separate himself from the team, management and staff who many believe have been closely watching each player for fear they may defect.

“Just before boarding the plane, he just vanished so we suspect he has defected. They tried. We learned that they had kept them in a bus for a couple of hours just before the game trying to contain them,” said Sanchez.
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jnethe116 months
You mean to tell me that he didn’t want to be in Cuba with their “world renowned” healthcare system.. lol
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cajunmud16 months
Like bringing inmates to a titty bar.
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TigerB816 months
He'll prolly get returned to them since this country is now ruled by communists.
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TDFreak16 months
Yeah, this isn’t the preferred nationality the leadership wants to allow asylum into the county.
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Brave man
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BobABooey16 months
If Trump was President, we’d get the starting catcher to defect. Thanks, Biden.
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Twenty 4916 months
Your home country has to be pretty crappy for you to abandon all your family and friends, with no chance to ever visit them again. Good luck, Ivan.
user avatar
BayouTiga16 months
Agreed and the Dumb-F Wokies want the same here. Bigger more powerful government with mimimal handouts that control the masses....SAD!
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