This madness has to stop. Midland Rockhounds baseball player Jordan Diaz was called as a “strikeout” on Monday for taking too long in between pitches when he wasn't...
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This is ridiculous and needs to be changed.

(The Spun)
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atltiger648724 months
I've got no problem with this. STAY IN THE DAMN BOX. No need to step away to prepare for the next pitch. Stay in the box.
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arcalades24 months
I'm fine with the concept but no way that guy was taking too long. 4 seconds at the most, all natural movements to get ready. Ref should only be able to tell the pitcher to pitch and not be able to call an automatic strike.
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CrimsonTideMD24 months
Yeah, but the red has to give him a yellow card first
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double d24 months
Ref, good grief were you one of those folks at the Box bac in the 70's- early 80's when there were maybe 200 people there yelling at the "Ref" because of his strike zone.
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Robcrzy24 months
dead link
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Le Tenia24 months
What's going on here?
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zoom24 months
They actually have a nice field.
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