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airbornetiger105 months
Some of you are just mind boggling silly. Get the game in and shorten the week for MS State. Hotels are available...blah blah blah so who wants to pay an extra night for a hotel plus additional food expenses...who is going to work the stadium....perhaps the refs had other commitments. It is obvious that those posting 'how easy a Sunday or Monday game would be' have never worked logistics--at least not successfully.
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siliconvalleytiger105 months
The logistics of playing on Sunday or mid week are mind boggling. It just doesn't happen very easily. Especially when it's Mcneese St.
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jmercado105 months
They could play in the Superdome...
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STRIPES105 months
All you Alleva haters are stupid. WTF would you dildos say if Alleva said play and someone got hit by lightning? Yall would be the first ones complaining and calling for his head. LSU will be focused against Miss State and ready to go. Im looking forward to it.
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You can't ask hundreds of workers for Saturday's game to just shut down their lives and come back and do it again Sunday.
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Mulerider105 months
The game would have ended before the second storm arrived. This 8 mile lightning BS is ridiculous. So now, if lightining strikes in Prairieville or Denham Tiger Stadium is shut down. Ridiculous.
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GeeOH105 months
They should issue a refund because they made the moronic decision not to play this morning.

There is no reason. Hotels were available in towns like Laffy. Get the game in, give em Monday off, and prepare Tuesday for the next opportunity.

Let's get one thing straight, McNeese wanted to play.

The implications will be huge. Heisman, polls, experience, total wins, etc etc

Just another big F You to Tiger fans by Alleva.
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fisherbm1112105 months
I wouldn't issue a refund for that. You kidding me? Hell I have season tickets and was there and don't care about the refund. I'm more pissed that I didn't get to see football and that some young guys didn't get valuable snaps and full contact before an SEC game.
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foshizzle105 months
It costs the university the same amount regardless, I can't blame them for not issuing a refund.
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Yeah who cares about the people who wasted their night , no refund ? Seriously ?
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