This made me laugh. This kid foul tipping a ball to his jockstrap reminds me from that kid from "Workaholics" Adam DeVine...
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timm697146396 months
better him than me!
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angola2096 months
Larry nailed the Adam DeVine reference. Well done.
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TKLSUMD96 months
Got a piece got a piece
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lsu48096 months
Would have been funnier if he had been on the team that was down 20-1
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4WHLN96 months
wheres the rest of the video?
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Rakim96 months
Oh mother of god
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PrimeTime Money96 months
He's holding a pound of Aunt Betty's nut butter.
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saint amant steve96 months
I tensed up just watching that.
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pellietigersaint96 months
what a drama queen bitch at least they had a 19 run lead to dull the motion sickness
user avatar
NYCAuburn96 months
being hit in the balls is no laughing matter Larry. I take it, you dont have any...
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