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During a recent round table discussion on between a few college football writers, Sam Khan Jr. selected LSU as the team with the best uniforms in the SEC. Here is what he had to say:


There are several good choices in the SEC but we on the SEC blog went with LSU's white jerseys with the gold (or yellow, more accurately) helmet and pants. Alabama's look (particularly the helmet) is definitely a classic and worthy of consideration but there's something about the Tigers, who got an exception to the NCAA's "must wear color at home" uniform rule granted in 1995 when then-head coach Gerry DiNardo was determined to restore their uniform tradition. Maybe it's because they've played so many memorable games on Saturday nights in Death Valley wearing that particular uniform (when at home, they now only wear whites for the home opener or SEC games), maybe it's the fierce Tiger head under the letters L-S-U on the side of the helmet or the purple-and-gold stripes on each shoulder but the Tigers' whites are appealing to us. -- Sam Khan Jr.
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OhioTiger94 months
The whites are classic, and the purple jerseys definitely look great for one (maybe 2 at most) game a year. Although I don't want to fix something that isn't broken, I'd like to see them throw in a black jersey of some type. Nothing Oregonish for sure, but some kind of classic black, with purple as the mix. Not as much as TCU's blacks (which I actually a lot), but just a conservative mix of black, with some purple highlights. Could create a fricking awesome helmet with those colors too.
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timm697146394 months
Glad to see they had good tast !
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Chitter Chatter94 months
How in the world did Oregon and South Oregon (Baylor) make the top 5???
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timm697146394 months
Oregon makes me want to throw up and I don't have a clue to what south Oregon wears if it is ant thing like Oregon gross !!
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UGATiger2694 months
LSU's unique color scheme is what ties everything together. Everybody falls over themselves to say how cool Alabama's uniforms are, but if it weren't for the # on the helmets, you'd barely be able to distinguish Alabama from Oklahoma, Arkansas, or even Temple.
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Black n Gold94 months
Our color scheme also makes for the best polos and tees. frick wearing maroon crimson. That shite is just ugly.
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Tiger Nation 8494 months
White over Gold is LSU
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Datbayoubengal94 months
Loved the purple and whites we wore vs South Carolina last year as well.
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boxcarbarney94 months
The purple jerseys are good to mix things up every once in a while, but our whites are classic.
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LSUtigers11194 months
In my opinion, our purple jerseys are the best looking in the country.
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Ragin' Tiger94 months
Completely agree with you.
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