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John Talty with recently ranked the SEC Football Coaching jobs and pegged LSU at No. 2 on the list behind Alabama. Here's what he had to say about the Tigers job:

2) LSU (42-15 record last five years): The last three LSU head coaches won a national championship here. The fact Ed Orgeron one was one of them given his coaching struggles elsewhere might be one of the best selling points of how good this job is. This is the kind of job that big names coaches would fight each other to get.
Full Rankings:
14) Vanderbilt (16-36 record last five years)
13) Missouri (29-25 record)
12) Mississippi State (30-32 record)
11) South Carolina (25-29 record)
10) Kentucky (36-20 record)
9) Ole Miss (24-27 record)
8) Arkansas (15-37 record)
7) Tennessee (24-29 record)
6) Auburn (37-20 record)
5) Texas A&M (37-18 record)
4) Florida (37-18 record)
3) Georgia (50-9 record)
2) LSU (42-15 record)
1) Alabama (56-5 record)

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user avatar
DiamondDog28 months
Nobody seemed to want it last time around....sooooo....yeah.
user avatar
Eltegray28 months
LSU is a top 5 job, but the AD's that were hiring the coaches were not exactly top 5.
user avatar
22jctiger2228 months
Sounds like LSU admin funded this article…
user avatar
AustinTigr28 months
"This is the kind of job that big names coaches would fight each other to get." Apparently not.
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx28 months
"This is the kind of job that big names coaches would fight each other to get." And yet we continue to end up with sub-par coaches.
user avatar
PUB28 months
Despite wasting to what has escalated to 10s of millions what has escalated to hire the "best" too. But Good ole Scotty boy has nothing to do with anything, does he?
user avatar
TigerLord202028 months
Now add Texas and Oklahoma
user avatar
llfshoals28 months
Probably 5th and 6th, moving A&M down, 1st 4 unchanged
user avatar
PetermanFanClub28 months
Texas 1st or 2nd. OU, LSU and Georgia are all real close.
user avatar
PUB28 months
Should be #1 with the way that LSU wastes tens of millions on coaching frauds
user avatar
grape nutz28 months
Would you rather follow Saban or Dulac Reeboks.
user avatar
TouchdownTony28 months
It's not about following anyone. It's about being the coach at the bluest blood program in America. The guy that "follows the guy" at Bama will be expected to win national titles just like the guy before him. Never understood this thinking. 9-3 won't get it if u follow saban or are the 5th guy from Saban.
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