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JimBob4LSU17 months
Any possibility of getting Orgeron or Miles back??
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Lou Pai17 months
Who's gonna be the one to finally tell Kelly how to pronounce Jordan Hare?

frickin yankee
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Woodman17 months
Lou Pai - Miss Orgeron much????
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CanebreakCajun17 months
He is a totally different person than at ND. His pressers, his on field behavior, all of it. He is direct, focused, but not an arse. I think he really did not like being at ND and I think it was due to the administration there. He seems happy here and it shows.
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cajunmud17 months
I love this guy! I’ve always wondered about the mental part and if the coaches were teaching these guys about that and how the universe really works. BK is teaching them and that will get us to where we want to be much faster.

The old saying: What you can Conceive and BELIEVE, you can the actual physics of how the world and the universe works. Beliefs being the MOST important. Beliefs are things. Emotions are things. Thoughts are things and they all have physical components to them. Like atoms or electrons they are made up of invisible particles that leave us and go out into the world/space looking for others. When they find more belief/thought particles backed up by emotion particles, like themselves, then that's when those things start to coalesce and are on the road to materialization, becoming REAL in our world. It's PHYSICS, not Voodoo, God, the Devil or what have you.

Exhibit A: Joe Burreaux. He didn't just wish to be the QB on a National Championship team...he KNEW he would be. That's the kinda belief you have to have to make whatever you want in your life come to fruition. It has to be an afterthought. You have to BELIEVE, KNOW, just like you do the sky is blue and water is wet.

Repetition builds habit and habit builds belief. Your beliefs (known and unknown) is why your life is how it is...good, bad or indifferent. YOU did that! We can't blame anyone but ourselves for the lives we’ve led. Everything that happens to you wasn’t thrust upon you by some outside force. I know that that's hard to accept, but you did that to yourself. That is the main reason we are try and harness this power to bring ourselves a happy, fulfilled life.

And if these young Tigers soak this up...we’ll be lifting that trophy again sooner than anyone might have expected.
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bengalman17 months
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rob6217 months
Geaux Tigers!!!
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DrSteveBrule17 months
Kelly is the frickin man
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crossfire17 months
I never thought Kelly would get buy in this early but after watching the last few weeks those kids are dialed in and playing in the moment and playing well. LSU is much better than I ever predicted. If they win week one they are top 15. This team is good and unless you’ve watched the games you don’t understand. This team plays much differently than the prior two coaches.
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Boomshockalocka17 months
Yea they played “different” from the greatest team college football has ever seen. Never will understand why the fanbase will downplay the prior coach accomplishment to try to boost up the current one. Kelly can coach LSU for 50 seasons and never build a squad who could beat the last LSU title team.
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RaginTXTiger17 months
Boomshockalocka-you completely missed crossfire intentions. He's speaking about the complete body of work. Previous regime created the near perfect season in '19 and that's it. However, Kelly possess the qualities to get this program competing for ships on a regular. He's disciplined and organized. The players are dialed in to his approach and they are believing. He has control and all about business.
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DVinBR17 months
Preparation Message: Kick their arse
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Mike da Tigah17 months
He’s right
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