In case you didn't catch any of the New York Giants - Washington Redskins game on Thursday Night, you missed former LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. haul in seven passes for 79 yards and this touchdown:

Later in the game, former LSU wide receiver Reuben Randle caught this 41-yard TD pass from quarterback Eli Manning.


Randle finished with seven receptions for 116 yards and one touchdown.
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Lsu101205103 months
Purpleleaf, just because you learned your football from playing NFL blitz doesnt mean you should post your knowledge.

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whodatfan103 months
Breaking news. OBJ catches another football. Let's write a story about it. Meh.
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LOL103 months
Haha purpleleaf is an idiot
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ForeverLSU02103 months
Nice video links
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bayourougebengal103 months

wow! Bet you'd like to have that one back.
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TaderSalad103 months
@Purpleleaf: I remember the first football game I watched too...
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diplip103 months
Yeah. You beeb smoking that purpleleaf tonight bro.

LOS was the 30. It was a TD pass. That is a 30 yard pass play. dosent matter if Eli threw the ball from the 50 and he caught it in the back of the endzone.

you fail as a poster.

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purpleleaf103 months
Come on staff reporter. It's about a 40 yard catch from the point of the throw to the actual catch. Where does 30 come from? You fail as a reporter.
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