(Brian Kelly's audio begins at 00:42)

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Vernonbrew2215 months
This season, tho plenty to negatives, was overall positive and a good reminder how powerful LSU can be with proper guidance. A bowl win would top it off nicely
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tigerbite215 months
Special team coach should be a duster!!!
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cajunmud15 months
We lost to this year's National Champs when it's all over. It wasn't nearly as bad as the score made it look.

Great season coach & team!

P.S. Coach, if Polian's not gone after the bowl game, we're gonna need to make you an appointment with a shrink.
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Koolazzkat15 months
Just hope it ain’t a muddy mess like the Penn State debacle several years ago.
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mikethetigerdc15 months
I think they changed the surface of the field after that BS game. Worst conditions ever.
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otowntiger15 months
Field turf was added. Field should be solid.
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goodgrin15 months
Several years ago?? That was Jan. 1, 2010. Jesus people.
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