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BlackPot60 months
"BuT wE wAnT tO gEt PaId"
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OSTiger7760 months
It is crazy what college athletics has become. I know you have to keep up to compete but that menu seems over the top. I get protein drinks, some nutritious shakes, but crab legs and prime rib. I had a Presidents scholarship and had to eat in cafeteria. WTF?
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barbapapa60 months
these players generate millions for the school. let em eat all the prime rib...
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CanebreakCajun60 months
Did 100,000 people show up to watch you take a test?
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JackieTreehorn60 months
Too bad this thing wasn't built when Jameis Winston was being recruited.
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djangochained60 months
Eating good
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luciouslou60 months
I ate ramen noodles in college with natty light
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TheWalkoff60 months
This video makes me rethink my stance on if student athletes should be paid. Nah, jk - pay them boys already!
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OU81260 months
This is part of their pay
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StupidBinder60 months
Seems like they’re perfectly fine with the current arrangement to me.
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