Here is some footage from last week of new LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda working with the linebackers at practice.

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therealchampion95 months
I hope you are right Chris, but Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss beat us at the line of scrimmage. Lack of depth on the D line killed us in those games. And the offensive line must pass protect better this year, I saw breakdowns in games against inferior teams. Hopefully, that can be corrected.
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Chris Warner95 months
Devin White is such a presence. Miles may have once again fully reinvented himself. If anything he has proved confounding. I hope they come out with enough multiple looks that they can be more unpredictable. Harris should be much improved in his third year. Aranda is an incredible hire not only because he is great at what he does, but his presence will mean more snaps for the offense...and that is exactly what we want to see on the field in 2016. It's difficult not to be optimistic but LSU on paper is the best in the West given Alabama's young quarterback. LSU should have the edge with the veteran, a Heisman running back and home field advantage. Throw in Aranda and you see Miles is deadly serious about beating Alabama.
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OceanMan95 months
Solid post Chris
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Tiger Nation 8495 months
White looks built like a fricking tank wow
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Srbtiger0695 months
I can't hear shite but Orgeron lol
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dustoff95 months
I really hope that Voorhies can make an impact this year
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LSUDAN195 months
Only 6 linebackers. Chief left us with nothing.
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marcnbc95 months
You do realize those are just the inside lb'ers? Divinity, Riley, Thompson, Key, Bower, etc. are working with the outside linebackers. Throw in Thornton & Sci Martin in the fall & we'll be just fine at the position IMO.
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Solo Cam95 months
Marc- You do realize that Riley is the only player you listed that Chavis recruited right? Corey was converted from S due to lack of depth. Bower was converted because of the 3-4. Dan- Chavis is just as shitty a recruiter at A&M.
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beantown95 months
Love how you can hear O in the background
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Melman862195 months
does anyone know where I can get a sweatshirt like Aranda has in these videos?? That's a sweet shirt
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Too Soon62595 months
The fact that he is actively teaching and getting in depth with the technique with all of the LBs is refreshing. He doesn't care if you're a starter or a practice squad member. He just wants to make sure that each and every player improves. Very excited for this season.
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monsterballads95 months
he took practice squad type players and turned them into all conference type players.
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