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CanebreakCajun48 months
The last ring that will be made since the Marxist, socialist soyboys will have their way and we won’t have a season and that’ll end college sports. Keep voting commie you losers.
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colddeuce48 months
Once you get Covid-19 and it rips your lungs and nasal passages apart you'll sing a different tune about this virus
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fr33manator48 months
I can see the look in Brennan’s eyes “I want more”
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tFearIsReal48 months
Yeah, he looks like he thinks he didn’t earn it. I hope he goes out and gets his own.
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Bling! Bling!! Is right. Best ever... So good, LSU 2019 put the world in a spin.
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tigerfootball1048 months
Best evah. Damn right
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Displaced48 months
Damn. 3 rings? Natty, peach, SEC I'm assuming. Pay these kids, ffs!
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Lsu10120548 months
Natty, SEC, and one from LSU to the players for the overall season.
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