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LSU's odds to win the 2015-2016 College Football FBS Championship are 10/1, according to online sportsbook Bovada.

*Numbers in (parentheses) are odds on 10/26/15.
*Current odds are bold.

Ohio State (11/5) 5/2
Alabama (11/2) 5/1
Clemson (12/1) 13/2
Baylor (11/2) 7/1
LSU (15/2) 10/1
Stanford (10/1) 10/1
Michigan State (14/1) 14/1
TCU (16/1) 14/1
Notre Dame (20/1) 20/1
Oklahoma (40/1) 20/1
Oklahoma State (25/1) 25/1
Iowa (25/1) 33/1
Florida (50/1) 50/1
Michigan (50/1) 50/1
Florida State (66/1) 66/1
Mississippi (100/1) 100/1
Utah (100/1) 100/1
Memphis (Off the Board) 250/1
North Carolina (250/1) 250/1
Georgia (100/1) Off the Board
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Mouche337104 months
DVinBR, you just figured that out. Bama is the only SEC team that get love. Remember when we went undefeated and lost to Bama in the BCS NC? Bama got to party even though we beat them earlier in the year. If the shoe was on the other foot, you really think the world have gave LSU a shot at the title with a loss?
LSU has to run the table to get into the playoffs. Bama is the only one loss team that will get an invite. It not right, but it's the truth.
LSU just has to when and they in. You go undefeated in the SEC, and you punch your ticket to the playoffs. Let's be real here, the three teams ahead of us in the pole don't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating LSU, no matter the venue.
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slackster104 months
Ehh, why all the bitching. The chances for LSU to run the table with @ Bama, vs. Arkansas, @ Ole Miss, vs. Texas A&M, and the SEC CG are obviously much lower than the chances for Bama to run the table vs. LSU, @ MSU, vs. Chaleston Southern, @ Auburn, and the SEC CG. It is all about who has an easier schedule remaining, and there is no denying Bama's is easier.
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ibldprplgld104 months
LSU has a bye and their odds decrease. Bama has a bye their odds increase

Bama's odds will be moot after this weekend.
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MSH104 months
North Carolina 250/1!!!!!!!

Easy money
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dax9876104 months
50/1 for Florida is a steal
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ForeverLSU02104 months
LSU has a bye and their odds decrease. Bama has a bye their odds increase
user avatar
ForeverLSU02104 months
Title is a bit misleading. I read it as odds to win NC as 11/3 lol
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Lsu101205104 months
Alabama is twice is likely to get money thrown at them.

And if they lose this weekend then Vegas just made bank.
user avatar
RileyTime104 months
Wow, that is fricking retarded.
user avatar
tigerpawl104 months
Alabama twice as likely as LSU? Hmmm...
user avatar
DVinBR104 months
The alabama bias is real
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