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Here are the updated odds to win the 2015-2016 College Football FBS Championship, according to online sportsbook Bovada.

LSU's odds last week were 10/1, but are now 25/1 after losing to Alabama on Saturday night.

*Numbers in (parentheses) are odds on 11/2/15.
*Current odds are bold.

Alabama (5/1) 5/2
Ohio State (5/2) 5/2
Clemson (13/2) 9/2
Baylor (7/1) 16/1
Florida (50/1) 16/1
Notre Dame (20/1) 16/1
Stanford (10/1) 16/1
Oklahoma (20/1) 20/1
Oklahoma State (25/1) 20/1
Iowa (33/1) 25/1
LSU (10/1) 25/1
Michigan State (14/1) 40/1
TCU (14/1) 40/1
North Carolina (250/1) 75/1
Utah (100/1) 75/1
Michigan (50/1) 100/1
Houston (Off the Board) 250/1
Florida State (66/1) Off the Board
Mississippi (100/1) Off the Board
Memphis (250/1) Off the Board
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gizmoflak103 months
If Vegas offers up LSU at 25-1, the true non-vig odds are somewhere in the 33-1 range... or 3%. Let's say the Tigers would be 50% to win each game in the playoffs --> 25% to win it all once they are in it. That equates to 3% / 0.25 = 12% chance of making the playoffs. And the chances are even higher if you think that the Tigers would be less than 25% to win it all once in.
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TigerFanatic99103 months
We have the same odds to win the 'ship as Iowa.

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ForeverLSU02103 months
Surprised they're still 25/1.
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tigerpawl103 months
I think the Vegas/Onlne Betting polls are the most honest out there in determining who is the best team in the nation. Follow the money. "Alabama -7?? No way!!", he said.
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