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Zach Mettenberger does not want to be traded and wants to compete with Marcus Mariota for the starting job.

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Multiple reports surfaced Thursday night that former LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger wanted to be traded after the Tennessee Titans drafted Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota with the 2nd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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According to Titans general manager Ruston Webster, Mettenberger will not be traded. Per The Tennessean:

"We talked to Zach, and that's not Zach in any way," Titans general manager Ruston Webster said, via The Tennessean. "I think he'll embrace the situation here and he won't be traded."
Mettenberger played in seven games during his rookie season passing for 1,412 yards with 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

He was selected by Tennessee in the 6th round of the 2014 NFL Draft.
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leveerat107 months
Vince Young and Jake Locker were high first round picks by the Titans also. How did that work out?
user avatar
jg8623107 months
[It's funny how LSU fans think Mettenberger is a good NFL QB]

So fans of a college team are pulling for their former QB? Wow, what a shocker!!!
And no one is really saying he's a good, solid nfl QB yet, more so that he wasn't terrible given the fact it was his first year and he was coming off an acl injury. And that's more than most rookie QBs can say now a days
user avatar
Bigpoppat107 months
It's funny how LSU fans think Mettenberger is a good NFL QB
user avatar
Rebel Land Shark107 months
Not suprising
user avatar
Street Hawk107 months
Saints need to trade for Zach and make him Brees' backup. Sit him for a few years behind Brees and be ready to take over the franchise once Brees hangs up his boots.
user avatar
texastigerr108 months
Well guess what? Marcus Mariota isn't a starting quarterback in the NFL either. As a matter a fact he has never even played in a pro style offense and has no qualification coming in to do that. Mettenberger played in a pro style offense for two years in college under an NFL Quarterback coach and offensive coordinator and has 7 NFL games under his belt. He is bigger, stronger and has an NFL arm. So Mettenberger isn't going to learn anything or gain anything by playing behind Marcus Mariota. What a freaking joke. Starting a guy just because you drafted him in the first round is the dumbest reason to do that. The only way he should be able to do that is if he competes for the job and wins the job. And I'll take Mettenberger at this stage to do that.
user avatar
JG77056108 months
Well no shite, that's what coaches are for.
user avatar
LoveThatMoney108 months
"Mett isn't a starting QB in the league right now. He needs to be a backup and learn."

Well he sure as shite won't be learning from Mariota.
user avatar
philly444108 months
Trade Mett to Arizona plz!
user avatar
JG77056108 months
Mett isn't a starting QB in the league right now. He needs to be a backup and learn.
user avatar
Jack Daniel108 months
It was reported last night that whisinut said he expects mariota to be the starter. Doesn't sound like much of an opportunity to compete
user avatar
LSUAlum2001108 months
Tennessee should have traded the #2 pic.

They didn't learn with Locker and will be reminded of that failure with Mariota.
user avatar
bherm1988108 months
"He's to lazy to compete for the starting spot? "

There is no competition, Titans drafted Marcus to start the year. If the Titans took a QB #2 overall in the draft to sit him for the season then QB is not the problem in Nashivlle. Mett needs to go to a team where he has a fair shot to start (Chicago/Clevland/Buffalo/Cardinals/Jets).
user avatar
CajunsTigersSaints108 months
He's to lazy to compete for the starting spot?
user avatar
monsterballads108 months
embrace sitting on the bench watching mariota play?
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