Tim Tebow talks about LSU
During ESPN's SVP & Russilo radio show on Friday, former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow joined the crew to discuss his memories of playing in Tiger Stadium and also discussed LSU's progression over this season:

Tebow on Death Valley:

"It's awesome... it's one of the best out there, if not the best... Its rowdy. They put that Tiger right where the visitors come out. It's an awesome environment."
On the LSU fans that got his number before the 2007 UF-LSU game:

"Somehow my phone number made its way to Baton Rouge. From what I heard they were announcing it everywhere."

"I got thousands and thousands of calls and text messages. I literally couldn't even take my phone [Razor flip-phone] and flip it open without answering a call because thousands of calls were coming in. I couldn't use my phone all week."
Van-Pelt asked Tebow about teams that have evolved and what happens that allows a team like LSU to go from what they were to what they are:

"They are not the same team that played Mississippi State..."

"You have to understand, a lot of these kids are 18, 19 years old. You grow, you understand these environments. You understand how to prepare in a week. You understand what a big game is like. If some of these kids went into a game thinking 'I was the best kid in Louisiana, I was the best kid in Texas, and now I came to LSU and I'm going to ball out on the field'... No. It takes preparation, it takes a matchup and taking that game plan and being able to follow through on it, not just going through the motions."

"I also feel like a few of their personnel switches has helped LSU in finding an identity in their running game and their play action deep passes with Anthony Jennings."
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We put the Tiger by the visitor locker rooms? Guess Mike missed that memo.
Reply83 months
He still needs to come out of the closet! I hate that guy!
Reply84 months
"They put that Tiger right where the visitors come out."

Put. Past tense. Mike's handlers were better back in the day.
Reply84 months
I could only bear to hear him lisp through about half of this.
Reply84 months
LOL, wut?
Reply84 months
I got my 7 year old niece to read this to me so I could hear it the way it was said.
Reply84 months
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