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Former LSU Football players Patrick Peterson, Kyle Williams, and Odell Beckham Jr. were all named to the NFL Top 100 players list for 2015.

Peterson was No. 19, Beckham Jr. was No. 32, and Williams landed at No. 72.

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thermal9221104 months
Whitworth made all pro last year.
Didn't break top 100?
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PsychTiger104 months
Richard Sherman has a Patrick Peterson lunchbox.
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Fenwick86104 months
Patrick Peterson > Richard Sherman. PP would be a star on any team in the NFL.
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motorbreath104 months
Kyle Williams left LSU a while ago. He has to be getting up there. I guess he takes good care of himself. I'm proud of him.
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Jcorye1104 months
Because Kyke Williams is consistently one of the best DTs in the game.
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SamuelClemens104 months
Great ambassadors!
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timm6971463104 months
Great congrats to great players !
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Kracka104 months
I've always been a fan of Kyle Williams....but how in the hell has he lasted in the league so long?
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theBru104 months
Congrats to all 3, takes a lot of hard work to get there, and determination to stay there...
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