ESPN ranked the top 5 student sections in the SEC and LSU came in at No. 1. Here is what they had to say about LSU:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Florida
4. Texas A&M
5. Auburn

LSU: There's a reason LSU coach Les Miles is 57-7 inside Tiger Stadium. It's just tough to win in Death Valley when you have thousands of unruly purple-and-gold-clad students raining chants, profanities and boos down on you in a stadium that traps sound right over the top of teams. The roar from the students after those three most intimidating notes ("Hold That Tiger") in college sports play from the Golden Band from Tigerland will send shivers down your spine. LSU students, usually sporting those glorious purple-and-gold pom-poms, take up 25 sections inside Tiger Stadium and create the SEC's most electric environment when the lights come on and the sun goes down. Night games are a different animal in Baton Rouge. LSU's students have gotten so out of hand in the past that they've had chants taken away because of improvised, profane additions to songs (returned in 2013) and are no stranger to public reprimand.
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LSUChamp06121 months
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Dr. Shultz121 months
Yeah. Lsu students always wave pom poms.. WTF?!
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boxcarbarney121 months
Pom poms? We aren't Auburn, brah.
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geauxtigers6492121 months
Pom Poms :casty:
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LSU Patrick121 months
Those are some wierd looking pom-poms.
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Breaux121 months
Print the shirts
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LSU 318 LSU121 months
Pom Poms. Another douche-like shananigan ESPN comes up with to prove their hatred for the Purp and Gold. STTDB
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CSATiger121 months
There's not one pompom in that picture
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ole yeller121 months
"Three most intimidating notes" ??
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Matisyeezy121 months
Pom poms. Seriously. Wtf
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I cant remember ever seeing pom poms widely used at an LSU game. Has this writer ever been to Death Valley or just recycling old stories?
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Emiliooo121 months
Has anyone mentioned the pom-poms yet?
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LSUBILLY121 months
Pom Poms, when did this happen?
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hardhead121 months
Ill show em my Pom poms
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ThreauxDown11121 months
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