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Matt Hayes with released his preseason Top 25 and has LSU at No.11.

Here is the complete Top 25:

1. Oklahoma
2. Oregon
3. FSU
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Stanford
7. Baylor
9. Ohio State
10. South Carolina
11. LSU
12. Michigan State
13. Arizona State
14. Notre Dame
15. Georgia
16. USC
17. Nebraska
18. Texas A&M
19. Wisconsin
20. Ole Miss
21. Washington
22. Florida
23. Texas
24. North Carolina
25. UCF

11. LSU - Best possible scenario last season: LSU, already out of the SEC West Division race at the end of the regular season, gets some critical playing time for QB Anthony Jennings. The best thing for a young quarterback is a strong defense, and the Tigers will be significantly better defensively (and last year they were solid). And don’t forget freshman tailback Leonard Fournette, maybe the best at his position in high school since Adrian Peterson.
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loweralabamatrojan117 months
Well, there weren't many teams that beat Bama last season. Oklahoma is probably getting a little bit of love for that; even though each year the team is different, the programs always get preseason props for last season's triumphs.
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TigerStripes30117 months
so let me see if i got this right...Oregon has been top 3 the last what...5 years and still cant seem to stay there...Everybody is still on Bamas nuts and they have a new QB who isnt on campus...a new Oline and new Defense...yea...And they put Oklahoma number one only bc they beat/embarrassed Bama in the bowl i believe is every bit better than South Carolina and Baylor at the least...oh another laughable thing is Notre Dame in top 15
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SaintsSBXLIV117 months
Forget Oklahoma, why the frick is Oregon always in the top 3?

To make Stanford look better when the Cardinal beat them.
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jiffyjohnson117 months
Forget Oklahoma, why the frick is Oregon always in the top 3?
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Top 4 teams are definite trolls.
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lsu480117 months
1. Oklahoma - LMAO!
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JustWin504117 months
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Prominentwon117 months
Alabama with a QB that isn't even on campus yet and loss of half their defense is top 5. Whoop!
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TheWalrus117 months
They are putting a lot of stock in a fairly meaningless game. Knight was horrible most of last season.
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LSU Patrick117 months
I guess they don't know that Harris is the likely starter.
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JohnZeroQ117 months
@Mr Fusion --It'll last until the next poll lol
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Mr Fusion117 months
Oklahoma #1 again? How long will that last?
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