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New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly suffered a broken ankle in Sunday's game vs. the San Diego Chargers.

The former LSU star had to be carted off the field and was very emotional as he was leaving. Per ESPN:

A source told ESPN that Beckham will get a second opinion before deciding on surgery to repair the injury. It is the same ankle Beckham injured during the preseason. He left the stadium on a cart with a boot on his left leg. Beckham was carted off the field Sunday after suffering the injury with four minutes remaining in the loss, which dropped the Giants to 0-5. He had gone up for a catch and fell awkwardly to the ground, and Chargers players immediately called for medical help. "I knew it was bad," Giants tight end Evan Engram said. Beckham was in serious pain as he left the field. He had a towel over his head and appeared to be in tears.
Prior to the injury, Beckham Jr. had five catches for 97 yards and a touchdown.
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TigerSpray77 months
This will give a cartrashian an excuse to dump him.
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Lsuchs77 months
Worst day to be a giant fan. 2nd 3rd and 4th WR already went down, have the lead with 4 minutes left, Pro Bowl #1 WR breaks ankle, distracted Eli sack fumbled on own end of the field very next play. Chargers score, season over.
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Old77 months
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NASA_ISS_Tiger77 months
I'm no expert, but I've heard some Doctors actually say it's better to break your ankle sometimes than have a high ankle sprain. Don't know how much truth is in that.
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Spankum77 months
understand that he actually broke his tibia and that he was taken to surgery this evening...
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foj198177 months
I pray that he takes this injury time off and learns the meaning of humility
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Hoovertigah77 months
Never say how you would live in another mans shoes. You have no idea.
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Champagne77 months
It's been an undeserved run of bad injury luck for this young man.
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Polar Pop77 months
Saddest part is the subtle 0-5
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Lexman177 months
I was watching and it looked gruesome. He’s done for the year. Really hard to watch. Best wishes to Odell and a speedy recovery.
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