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It looks like Shaq and former Texas center Mo Bamba had a little wager on the LSU-Texas game earlier this season that resulted in Bamba cutting off his hair.

Had the Longhorns won, Bamba was going to DJ one of Shaq's shows...

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Don't bet against the Tigers...

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lsutigermall53 months
What would Shaq have had to do? With all his endorsements, I don’t think he could just grow a bunch of hair or anything.
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Haystack53 months
He full grown and still got a soft spot on his head
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patnuh53 months
Made him two shades darker too.
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c on z53 months
He aged quickly with that cut.
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Swamp Angel53 months
Mo Bamba. . . This kid is alright in my book. Good to see them play it out between themselves and their schools. Much respect to Mo for living up to his bets! He's good people.
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Hangover Haven53 months
Dude has a strange shaped head...
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SoulGlo53 months
Shaq kicks arse as a DJ. The crowd would have been disappointed. Thank you LSU for sparing us
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LoneStarRanger53 months
Bad photos of the former President. Also he never had much hair anyway
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Placebeaux53 months
New Algeria haircut to New Iberia haircut baw
user avatar
Tigers4Lyfe53 months
It's an improvement.
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Lsu10120553 months
Signature haircut? It just looked like a haircut to me.
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