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Former LSU star Matt Flynn made a nice living in the NFL as backup quarterback and is no stranger to large contracts with few career starts. Per ESPN:

At that point, Flynn had started two NFL games. But the Seattle Seahawks took a shot on him, signing Flynn to a three-year, $26 million deal with $10 million guaranteed. Flynn lost the starting job to Russell Wilson and ended up throwing nine total passes as a member of the Seahawks.
Following the news of Brock Osweiler's four-year contact with the Houston Texans worth $72 million deal and $37 million guaranteed, Flynn sent out the following tweet:

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Barbellthor96 months
1. Where's the story (except Brock's contracts IS risky). 2. Solo Cam, backing up two Super Bowl-winning, MVP (at least Rodgers) quarterbacks can't be reflection of some extreme lack of talent (see the Browns). 3. Good for both QB's for, to quote the Steve Miller Band, "tak[ing] the money and run[ning]."
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Babboo96 months
This is why I love college sports more than professional sports. People choose a University to attend for 3-4 years and pour their heart into that one place. Not hating on the business aspect of the pros, just stating why college ball is the best.
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LetGeauxMyEggo96 months
Why say this?? Why?
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theBru96 months
He should know...and I don't blame them for taking the money...after all, it is a business...
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CarterWilson71796 months
Ding ding....Flynn is living the dream. Being paid as a insurance policy basically his whole career and making good money. He will also retire without having the wear and tear on his body like 80% of the rest of the nfl. Smart business man.
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