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LSU's Week 2 matchup at Texas on September 7th is the most in-demand game of the season, according to ticket company Stubhub.

Most In-Demand Games of the Season

-LSU vs. Texas, facing each other for the first time since 2003, takes strong lead, outselling the #2 game, Notre Dame vs. Georgia, by 68%.

-LSU is playing in the #1 game of the season for the second year in a row.

-Notre Dame, Texas, LSU and Michigan each have *two games in the Top 10.

-The most affordable Top 10 game of the year is Nebraska vs. Colorado, with an average ticket price of $280.
LSU's other game in the Top 10 is at Alabama on November 9th.

Sound off in the comments if you are heading to the game, still looking for tickets, or skipping the trip to Austin because of the prices.
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Tigerpawsandroars54 months
Got tickets in March for 250! The same section now are 450 bare minimum!
user avatar
NakaTrash54 months
“most in-demand game of the season” Tell me about it, stud. (Michelle Pfeiffer style)
user avatar
Swamp Angel54 months
Gonna watch on TV. Better seats, A/C, and most importantly I don't have to step foot in Texass.
user avatar
wesman2154 months
Going, got tickets about a month ago. Two via ticketmaster for $335 each total. Worth the price for the first time at Texas and probably only time they'll play Texas in my lifetime. The prices have gotten real ridiculous the last two weeks.
user avatar
CapitolB54 months
We play Texas again next year on Sept 12... in Baton Rouge.
user avatar
uscpuke54 months
Print the shirts!
user avatar
lsutigermall54 months
There are 2000+ overpriced tickets still on StubHub alone. They also just opened up a few thousand more for purchase by Texas Season Ticket holders. Yes, highly sought after but this market will drop dramatically. Like Knothead below, the prices have passed the $threshold of the remaining market. I'm getting my 4 at the game and they'll be under face value.
user avatar
Guava Jelly54 months
If I end up going, this will be the strategy. If you're paying $350/ticket for this game, you're a fool.
user avatar
TigerGman54 months
Not a chance. Not with all the LSU fans desperate for tickets.
user avatar
LSUGoose54 months
Pulled the trigger on nine tickets from Ticket City for $300 flat each in May. Glad I did. I knew they'd only climb come August.
user avatar
Tiger4life580354 months
God blessed me with a woman whose family has season tickets to UT. I’m going to make sure they regret giving me a ticket.
user avatar
LSU-MNCBABY54 months
user avatar
knothead295554 months
Ill pass on the ticket prices and wait to see them play here next year
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