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LSU coach Brian Kelly is set to hire Louisiana Tech Recruiting Director Sherman Wilson to his new staff as a Recruiting Specialist.

Prior to his time in Ruston, Wilson was a scout with the Los Angeles Rams, a recruiting analyst at Memphis, and was the director of football operations and recruiting at Southern.

He also coached at three different Louisiana High Schools; Amite High School in 2017, Albany High School in 2016, and Hammond Junior High Magnet School from 2014-2015.

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Lamb25 months
Amite connection could help vs other SEC programs. OK, against Bama after Devonta
user avatar
ForeverLSU0225 months
Wilson with ties to the Florida Parishes. Hopefully we can keep more of these Tangi kids in state now!
user avatar
Mr Cell Phone25 months
The Jackson State guy has a night job as a bag man . The term is not bag man anymore it’s ATM machine delivery at the recruits home.
user avatar
GoldenAge25 months
I wonder if CBK knows you don’t have to hire every Louisiana small school’s recruiting coordinator? We do have frank wilson who typically locks the state down by himself.
user avatar
GoneFishing2125 months
Man that’s awesome. I didn’t know we had already locked down the state. You should let CBK know this.
user avatar
Forever25 months
Did you go to the Ed Orgeron school of being a complacent piece of shit? Frank doesn’t do it by himself buddy
user avatar
CanebreakCajun25 months
Exhibit A, as to why you should never comment on LSU football ever again.
user avatar
NPComb25 months
We needed to hire the Jackson State recruiting director
user avatar
BayouTiga25 months
Sounds like he is well connected......GEAUX Tigas!
user avatar
BertusTiger25 months
Any relation to Frank?
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