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LSU tight end Collin Jeter met with the media after Saturday's win over Missouri and said the team was more energized on gameday as result of practicing less throughout the week. Per The Advocate:

Aside from tweaks to the offense from Orgeron and Ensminger, the LSU offense showed no signs of wearing down as the game wore on. Players attributed that to practicing less throughout the week.

“It was a little weird, honestly,” said tight end Colin Jeter. “It was the first time I had felt that fresh in a while. The team was excited and juiced, and everyone’s legs felt right. So we were energized and had a fun time.”
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RBTiger89 months
He learned how to practice them into the ground from 70's Ara Parseghian...not good for the SEC Grind
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saint tiger22589 months
Collin? Lol. Great job again!
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theBru89 months
I guess the love for Miles was not always what was best for the team...starting to wonder just how much of his coaching tore the team into different groups instead of all of them pulling on one rope...
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earl keese89 months
The rant: I can't believe Miles makes the team practice so much. They are worn out by the time the game rolls around. That sorry S.O.B. OR... The rant: I can't believe Miles doesn't have the team practice longer/harder. No wonder the team doesn't look prepared, they don't practice enough. While Les is letting his boys take it easy, Saban is working his team hard, no wonder alabama has won 5 straight. Damnit Miles, you sorry S.O.B.
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atltiger648789 months
practice smarter, not harder.
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Tigers4Lyfe89 months
I'll ask it. Does Saban work his guys hard?
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OchoDedos89 months
Lets go do a Big Cat's only 95 every day in Aug/Sept
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CharlesLSU89 months
Ponder this: Curley Hallman did exactly this.....
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GoldenBoy89 months
Did what Orgeron is doing? Or what Miles did?
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TaderSalad89 months
Anyone still wondering why we lost 5 straight to Bama before tanking in November? Fatigue is a bitch.
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UGATiger2689 months
“It was a little weird, honestly,” these kind of quotes indicate that these players aren't just talking out of their ass. If they feel like this, then they really must've been getting run ragged at practice. One has to wonder if and how much coaches and players tried to tell Miles that practicing so much left them less than 100% for games. Man, I respect how Miles represented LSU, but this kind of stuff coming out does not speak well to his coaching acumen.
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DrEdgeLSU89 months
"but this kind of stuff coming out does not speak well to his coaching acumen." I don't know if it's an acumen thing (totally separate issue) -- I think it's more of a coaching philosophy. Very old school - run 'em ragged so the games seem even easier than practice. It paid dividends more times than not, but ultimately the string was played out...
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pellietigersaint89 months
its like the players cant wait to express their enjoyment over the recent changes. Les frustrated me to no end but I never hated on the guy.........but this is very telling
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LSUfanNkaty89 months
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geaux8689 months
I think the truth is… when someones says "I have nothing bad to say about the guy", they are lying. I think the world of several people but I don't think they walk on water. Everyone has their faults.
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Birdie22589 months
Imagine that. Mid-week 115 play scrimmages are a bad idea??! Who would have thought. Quality over quantity.
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Mulerider89 months
It took us 3 games to run 115 plays on offense ORRRR one practice session.
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