LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger was one of several coaches who spoke to the media on Monday at the final stop of the Coaches Caravan in Metairie.

Ensminger provided updates on LSU's offense with the addition of new passing game coordinator Joe Brady.

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All of these people disliking all of these comments that are shitting on Ensminger but none of them seem to have anything valuable to say to increase his stock value in all of the skeptics’ eyes...
Reply14 months
I can’t wait to see what this offense can do with veterans all over, with an actual 2 deep OL with talent, decent TEs, elite RBs with the veterans and an aggressive style of play calling. Instead of max protect on 3rd down, it’s fake throws to the middle of the field then Joe turns to the flats with a wide open RB sitting there just waiting. Running 6 different plays from the exact same look so the defense has no clue what’s next. They will have to guess on tendency and down/distance but now we have someone who knows this and will break those tendencies. Dangerous
Reply14 months
No need to have an ego. If all goes well, Brady will be the OC next season and Ensminger knows it.
Reply14 months
Brady has never called a single meaningful play in his career and you want to give him the OC role next season. lol. That's worse than giving the job to Ensminger after Canada...
14 months
Could ever imagine Saban saying, “I give up guys. My ego has gone to shite. My assistants have all the freedom to run the show.
Reply14 months
Ego = confidence. Glad our 80 year old OC has no confidence.
Reply14 months
Please substitute the word "ego" with "clue"
Reply14 months
No need to be an ass.....
14 months
Hasn’t managed to put the ball in the end zone one time in the past 3 times he’s played Alabama. That makes him statistically the most questionable OC in the SEC in my book.
14 months
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