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LSU (7-2) moved up three spots to No. 7 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings following the 32-31 overtime win over Alabama.

The Crimson Tide fell to No. 9 after the loss.

1. Georgia (9-0)
2. Ohio State (9-0)
3. Michigan (9-0)
4. TCU (9-0)

5. Tennessee (8-1)
6. Oregon (8-1)
7. LSU (7-2)
8. USC (8-1)
9. Alabama (7-2)
10. Clemson (8-1)
11. Ole Miss (8-1)
12. UCLA (8-1)
13. Utah (7-2)
14. Penn State (7-2)
15. North Carolina (8-1)
16. NC State (7-2)
17. Tulane (8-1)
18. Texas (6-3)
19. Kansas State (6-3)
20. Notre Dame (6-3)
21. Illinois (7-2)
22. UCF (7-2)
23. Florida State (6-3)
24. Kentucky (6-3)
25. Washington (7-2)
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user avatar
HarveyTunnel16 months
Win out including the SECCG and LSU is in the playoffs.
user avatar
Dominus515016 months
no brainer
user avatar
cdav11416 months
harveytunnel with the take of the century
user avatar
YMCA16 months
Michigan and OSU still have to play, Georgia and hopefully LSU will play in the SEC championship game, USC vs Oregon in the PAC 12 championship and TCU still has some tough games plus a conference championship. The ones sitting in the best spot is Tenn bc they have an easy schedule left and no conf. championship game.
user avatar
MasonTiger16 months
If LSU wins out, and the cards fall right, the Tigers may get another shot at the Vols in the CFP.
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan16 months
TCU should be 6. They’ve played no one.
user avatar
Mouche33716 months
They'll fall when Texas beats them. And, like Clemson, they won't have anything remaining on schedule to get them back into the discussion.
user avatar
MintBerry Crunch16 months
Tennessee only has a chance if UGA beats LSU in conference championship. Period.
user avatar
G I Jeaux16 months
Just seeing the Tigers ahead of the slide, I mean the tide, is great.
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