The Florida Gators put out a hype video last week claiming that Florida is DBU and LSU responded by releasing their own "LSU is DBU" video.


Awesome video.
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There's no doubt in my mind Mathieu is the all around best player LSU has ever had. Skills/instincts only he's the best.
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Othello109 months
Response video.

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toratiger109 months
NOW I an ready for the season!
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TIGERhype109 months
BOOM DBU!! Anyone who thinks there's another school pumping out better dbacks is smoking crack!
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Cousin109 months
The video is NICE and the music is fine. For all of you complaining about the music, let me guess, you would have probably preferred country music in the background??
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geauxtigers6492109 months
Videos are nice but its hard to argue with numbers. If you want to claim DBU you have to post numbers, stats. Not many schools can compete with LSU on a year in year out basis this decade in the secondary. #DBU
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SoulGlo109 months

LSU by a mile.
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Dale Doubak109 months
I agree. Case fricking closed
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TwoDatBait109 months
Case closed......
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Play_Neck109 months
Love it! Holy crap J Adams blew up that Kentucky fella at 3:15 for T White's return
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jayboy504109 months
Great vid, terrible music... Man wth... That's DBU... #dbu=swag all day homie
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SamuelClemens109 months
Great video, great song! Pledge alligence to the swag!
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10888bge109 months
it moved
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LSUcajun77109 months
Chad Jones was all in there. He's #3.
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Navytiger74109 months
Should have had Peterson's pick against Bama in '09. Good video, though.
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HeavyCore109 months
A lot of solid choices in here, with one glaring exception....where the frick is Chad Jones?
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FutureMikeVIII109 months
The footage of Cedric Donaldson's pick 6 in '97 should make the gators extra salty, I like it.
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GulfCoast LSU Fan109 months
Great video and the music was also great. It got me fired up!!!
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy109 months
Awful song choice, video is awesome though
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jacktown109 months
Boom!! The tradition continues DBU!!!!! Stay tuned
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