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For Immediate Release - August 28, 2019


BATON ROUGE – LSU athletics today announced full details and pricing for beer and wine sales in its athletic venues as well as information on its “Safe Driver Tiger Program.” Tiger fans, 21 years of age and over, will be able to purchase beer and wine in public areas of Tiger Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 31, when LSU plays Georgia Southern in its season-opener.

“This is all about enhancing the fan experience, responding to the feedback from our fans and doing it responsibly,” LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward said in June when LSU first announced its plans to sell beer and wine. “It’s a big addition to our events and we believe it will be a positive one overall, but we are going about it with the appropriate mindset and thorough planning.”

Logistics and planning with LSU’s concessionaire Aramark began in early summer following new SEC policies on alcohol sales in SEC venues. The policy sets specific parameters for the sale and consumption of alcohol in the SEC. Those parameters include the provision that all beer and wine must be dispensed into a cup by the concessionaire. Additionally, a valid ID must be presented for purchase and fans are limited to two drinks per transaction.

“We’re excited for this opportunity to respond to what our fans want to see in our venues,” said Robert Munson, senior associate athletic director “However, we’re also asking for patience as this is new to our venues and there are numerous challenges. We have a great plan and great people in place, but we know we are going to have a lot to learn in these first few games.”

LSU is trucking in as much as 80 tons of ice in order to properly cool and maintain the temperature of beverages in concessions stands. In addition, Aramark has added 200 staff on hand to assist with sales and logistics, including the removal and storage of tens of thousands of recyclable beer cans.

LSU and Aramark personnel will actively monitor wait times, product availability and quality. LSU will review feedback provided by fans to the department following games in order to identify areas of improvement. That feedback comes, in part, in the form of emailed surveys sent to ticket holders who attend football games. LSU already utilized fan feedback to help determine the varieties of beer and wine and pricing.

Beers and wine on the menu include:

· Bud light
· Budweiser
· Miller light
· Michelob Ultra
· Bon & Viv spiked seltzer
· Stella Artois
· Karbach Love Street
· Abita Strawberry Lager
· Cabernet wine
· Pinot Grigio wine

Prices for domestic beers are $8. Premium selections and wine are $9.

Depending on the size of the concession stand, beer and wine choices may vary. Smaller concession stands may have a limited selection and fans are encouraged to walk to nearby stands for other varieties of beer and wine. LSU has also added dozens of new islands throughout the stadium in order to facilitate beer and wine sales. Beer and wine selections may change throughout the season depending on sales and fan feedback.

LSU also announced today The Chute will remain open for the football season. The Chute will include a full bar, along with beer and wine, and will cost $5 for entry. Liquor and mixed drinks must be consumed inside The Chute. A full bar will also be available in Skyline Club, a premium seating area on the south side of Tiger Stadium.

The “Safe Driver Tiger” program presented by LSU and Aramark will be available to fans, 21 years of age and over, who pledge to be designated drivers for their respective groups. Fans can pledge at one of two locations in the stadium: South Plaza near section 408 and the concourse inside gates 8-10. Those who pledge will be given a voucher valid for a free water or soft drink and a stamp on their hand identifying them as designated drivers.

The sale of alcoholic beverages will end at the conclusion of the third quarter for football games.

Stadium personnel and law enforcement will monitor fan behavior. Ejection without refund, arrest, or refusal of sale or consumption of alcohol could result for reasons not limited to:

Unruly, disruptive or illegal behavior.
Giving alcoholic beverages to a minor.
Public intoxication or impairment.
Abusive or offensive language or gestures.
Throwing of any objects.
Failure to follow stadium and/or law enforcement personnel instruction.
Any other conduct deemed inappropriate by stadium personnel or law enforcement.
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user avatar
Demshoes58 months
I'd sooner drink warm water than that beer selection.
user avatar
gpttigers58 months
One Texas and one Louisiana beer. Come on now.
user avatar
moon58 months
Terrible beer selection.
user avatar
WreckinRams0558 months
Karbach love street is my go to beer
user avatar
CanebreakCajun58 months
Abita strawberry what the frick! Where is the andygator, the purple haze? Where is parish canebreak, where is tin roof? Come on man get that bud shite out of here. We are in the golden age of beer!
user avatar
Amen! And no Coors Light!
user avatar
wallowinit58 months
If they can serve Abita Strawberry they should be able to serve Anygator. Maybe the Strawberry comes in cans and Andy doesn't and they don't want bottles? I'd like a good Andygator in a can.
user avatar
LSUrme58 months
How does LSU pass up Abita's The Boot!?
user avatar
jpainter617458 months
8$ isn’t terrible when you think about the cost of beer, logistics for beer and ice, people working to serve said beer. Mehhh whatever
user avatar
LSUrme58 months
16 oz. too. This was expected after reading that survey.
user avatar
BRTiger200558 months
Does anyone know what POS the concessions stands use?
user avatar
reauxl tigers58 months
$8...nahh I'm good.
user avatar
JonTheTigerFan58 months
Pretty standard for a sporting event.
user avatar
reauxl tigers58 months
How many sporting events besides LSU football do you sneak in your own booze
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